Child Survival Program

For Those Who . . . . .
Hike - Camp - Horseback Trail Ride - Hunt
and other Similar Outdoor Activities
This Survival program is presented FREE to clubs, students, scouts, parents, and interest groups of all ages.
~ We can customize the program to fit your groups needs ~
The program goes into detail with FUN Interactive Activities on "How To Be Found Quicker" and "Staying Safe" while waiting to be found,
including the "10 Rules For Survival"

Anyone can become lost / missing no matter how experienced you are,

. . Even Adults.

You may not actually be lost and you KNOW Exactly where you are,

BUT … say you have gotten injured and cannot make it back to your destination.

NOW you are missing and need to be found. ... This program will teach anyone ages 6 years thru adults of all ages the "10 Rules for Survival"



If you would like to schedule the Warren County Mounted Search Team to come present this program to your group. 

Email: [email protected]

Call: 513-494-1417 (Judy)

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